John is the co-founder of the online music publisher Prepared Sounds

About Prepared Sounds :

At Prepared Sounds our goal is to create and promote works that are unique, exciting, accessible, educational and above all else, fun and rewarding for performers and audiences alike.

We have a keen interest in promoting the works of contemporary Australian composers. Our music is principally aimed at school age people, but we offer pieces at tertiary and professional levels too.

You’ll love performing our works at your next concert or event!

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We specialise in music for percussion and piano but don’t limit ourselves to these two families of instruments. With Prepared Sounds you’ll find music for a variety of instrumentations and we’re always adding to our catalogue. Please browse our online shop for score, video and audio samples of our pieces.

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You can contact me via this site or call (in Australia): oh for won o, fore seven won, six seven too

2 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. Amanda Roche

    Dear John,

    My brother Trevor Beyer put me onto you. I have a beginner percussion lesson that I teach and I was looking for some ensemble pieces that might work in a small lesson setting. Just wondering if you have composed anything suitable for young primary school children.

    Kind regards
    Amanda Roche

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amanda

      Sorry for the delay. We have a few pieces for beginner percussion ensembles. Probably the easiest is Big Earth Toms. It’s available from as a PDF or as hard copy. We have some other pieces too, just need to find out if your students are first time percussionists or have a bit of musical knowledge…

      Hope this helps


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