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Oxford Parker – Welcome to Brisneyland

16 years ago I put out this CD, and by “put out” I mean hundreds of them have gone nowhere except on moves from house to house. My music never really fit the mould and now boxes of CDs are sitting in around literally “fit for mould”. But “Hey!” you say. “What about that digital stuff you can do with internets?”. “Upload it for the world to hear?” I presumably might say in return. “But it’s not perfect”. INSERT HERE A FAMOUS QUOTE ABOUT PERFECTIONISM…
Well I’m proud of this “record”. I had a great time making it, but be forewarned, some of it’s hard listening. Kind of like a face only a mother could love, this mishmash of electro-acoustic works is more like the CD only a father could say he loves, whilst driving out to the forest in the middle of the night for an impromptu game of “find your way home”…

I’m going to sporadically put info about each track up on my WEBLOG infrequently and from tautological time to time.

Hope you enjoy